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Hi can anybody tell me what this is, how often it blooms and if i move house is it going to be easy to take it with us

west glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

unknown plant type




This is Zantedeschia..(.Arum Lily)...Its a perennial...summer flowering....can be propagated by off-sets in winter...and could be moved if necessary..

13 Jun, 2009


It is called Arum lily, it likes moist, boggy conditions. It flowers around May to June. It is hardy and can be divided around March to May. They transplant quite easily as long as they are kept moist.

13 Jun, 2009


i know a person who grows this at the bottom of his hedge in full sun and it thrives.

13 Jun, 2009


Easy to move.......I have had one in a black bucket for about two months ready to take to my daughters and I just keep the roots damp....its flowering lovely better than the garden...Lol! Shall have to get round to taking it over.

13 Jun, 2009


i know what it is from what ive read but wow its so nice,i love it

13 Jun, 2009

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