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can anyone name a plants which has silvery blue or purple stems and a puple flower head which looks like a thistle. I think it may begin with an E



Eryngium or sea holly? If it is then you can find out what exact species it is by googling for pictures and pick out the one you want. There are several.

19 Aug, 2012


Gotta be Eryngium of some variety, with blueish purple stems. The other one with steely blue thistle like flower heads is Echinops ritro, but the stems are green.

20 Aug, 2012


And in my garden is a swine to propagate. I've got 4 different eryngiums but have tried to grow echinops 4 times without a glimmer of germination, either direct planted or from a pot.

20 Aug, 2012


OOer, odd - mine's got huge, masses of flowers this year, but every year the foliage succumbs to capsid attack...

20 Aug, 2012

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