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How can I eradicate Delphinium mildew?

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have a pot of delphiniums that have already flowered, but I was hoping to get a second showing. I trimmed the flower stems back down to the base and although it now has a lot of leaves, they appear to be covered in mildew. I tried cutting off the affected leaves, but the mildew is still there. Has my plant 'had it' or is there a remedy? Please help.



I'll be watching these answers as the same thing happened to me. Also some of my plants haven't come up at all this year. The weather has been rather muggy and its mildew on the plant.

20 Aug, 2012


It could be that you have an annual species, rather than a perennial one, there are an awful lot of these plants sold to unsuspecting "gardeners" who are expecting perennials, and end up paying a lot of money for an annual, Derek.

21 Aug, 2012

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