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By Dab

south Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have bought some hanging containers to grow strawberries next season,will it be best to put the plants in now or wait until next spring



I tried this method of growing. However the planter soon got dry and my strawberries didn't do very well. I hope you have better success. If it were me I'd wait to spring.

20 Aug, 2012


My neighbour bought a few of those hanging Strawberry containers and while I was picking ours in raised beds he was waiting for them to get large enough. As Great has said they dry out quickly. Perhaps adding those moisture retaining gels would help a lot. I can see the benefits as I lost quite a few Strawberries to slugs and to fungus (they went off due to the wet weather).

Regards to when to plant, depends on how big the plants you have. If they are cuttings from runners then I would keep planting them up in pots till large enough and wait till spring, if large plants then, after adding the moisture retaining gel then I would add them now to get the roots well, erm, rooted.

20 Aug, 2012

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