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By Gera182

In how much time will I see groth in my sequoia?



The big sequoia?

21 Aug, 2012


A very long time, they are slow growers

21 Aug, 2012


If it,s sequoia sempervirens, this is a fast growing tree, which can eventually reach 365 feet, but more commonly 70-100 feet, Adpressa 20-28 ft, Prostrata is a dwarf one which reaches about 5 ft.
If it,s Sequoiadendron gigantium it can reach between 80-260 ft and is also fast growing, so you should notice some growth next spring when it starts new growth. Derek.

21 Aug, 2012


most trees or large shrubs take a year or 2 to settle in before they go upwards .

22 Aug, 2012

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