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hi any ideas on best {bagged compost} for new small flower bed


By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

have just made new flower bed built with red brick looks nice but not sure what plants to use want something that will really stand out



How big is the bed? Is it in direct sun, partial shade or shade all day? Is the soil wet clay, loamy or dry? Is the soil acid, alkaline or neutral. You may be able to tell from other plants growing in other gardens in your area or a soil test. Regarding the bagged compost, that depends on what you want to grow and the type of soil you have. A multi purpose compost from somewhere like B&Q would be the most cost effective and soil improver if the soil isn't too good. If you have a lot of planting to do into the garden I would invest in getting a large cubic metre bag of compost from your local waste services, all the green waste people get rid of at the local tips is turned into compost, the bags usually cost around £35 - £40 and is a good cost effective way.

14 Jun, 2009


the best bagged compost is undoubtedly John Innes - don't know how big the planter is but I'd use JI No. 3 mixed with a bit of multi purpose compost.
Can't answer what you plant in it without more detail, as Andrearichter has requested above, in particular the size of the bed, it's location, which way it faces, how much sun, etc.

14 Jun, 2009


hi thanks andrearichter good tips its just a smallish flower bed have been down to local recycle area but just my luck missed free compost bed in sunny and shady spot

14 Jun, 2009


thanks bamboo had not a clue what compost to use so many will get planting now

14 Jun, 2009

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