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would anybody be able to recommend
a long reach hedge cutter must be electric,quality and value for money,hope you can help.



i cant recomend a make thow your generaly safe with a named make like black and decker .i would however get a cordless one as the cables are so easy to cut threw bye accident .if you do buy a cabled one definatly get a surge plug to protect you from if you cut the cable .

22 Aug, 2012


The trouble with cordless ones, and I've done this several times, is to over charge and ruin the battery. Provided you keep the cable behind you and have a circuit breaker on it you should be ok. Mending a cable is easy enough but a new battery can be expensive. Other than that I'm sorry because mine is petrol. If it says wear ear protection, unlikely on electric cutters, but wear it.

23 Aug, 2012


petrols the best as they have umf and cordless ofcourse id not thaught of them as most people i know use electric hedgetrimmers and cable . batteries can run down quit quickly to with electric and im not unclumbsy lol . i dont thing id try without a petrol one now you mention it . ive been cutting a hedge and done the bright orange cable about 3-4 times lol .

23 Aug, 2012


Hi Folks,Thank you all very much for your help with the hedge cutter purchase.very lucky to be in Screwfix dept on offer was model=Titan TTB427GTM price slashed from £89 to £59 anybody fancy a haircut let me know,I shared the cost with the guy next door so now the place will be tidy.cheers.Tom.

24 Aug, 2012

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