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Asphodeline lutea. A simple question. Is it monocarpic?
all mine flowered this year and have set seed. But i cant find any foliage now. They grow from seed easily so thats not a problem.
Just curious.



No - its a clump forming perennial.

22 Aug, 2012


so where have mine all gone????????
they clumoed up over 3 years but this year was their first flower.

thanks bamboo :o)

22 Aug, 2012


They do go down very early, there is very little to see of mine, other than the label. Seed is dead easy if you want more.

22 Aug, 2012


I was wondering if they were summer-dormant in the UK, like mine are here. Mine, of course, go down around April.

22 Aug, 2012


ah not thought of that. should have done, call my self a biologist ha!!

23 Aug, 2012


Went and looked just, all that is left of mine are the dried flower stalks which I ought to have cut down, but not had the time or the inclination or the weather.

23 Aug, 2012

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