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I just moved into my new home about a month ago and brought all my landscape plants with me. I have planted a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick (Corylus avellana 'Contorta') so it stands out against the white wall of the house. The area is about 8 meters long and am trying to think of some plants that will look good with it and also add year-round interest. I get about half a days shade there, most of the plants I have would grow fine there. Any ideas or suggestions?

On plant Corylus avellana



I would continue to compliment the white walls and the stems of this and consider a Cornus such as Cornus alba sibirica 'Red Twig' it will grow in any soil (but for best winter stem colour a moist site in full sun is recommended) it is a deciduous, upright growing shrub with brilliant smooth, crimson red stems, dark green leaves, small clusters of white flowers in early summer and small white berries.

Also Cotoneaster × suecicus 'Coral Beauty' an evergreen shrub with small, glossy dark green leaves and small white flowers followed by orange-red berries.

I think the contrast between the two would work well against a white wall and give you the year round interest?

Perhaps add some spring bulbs

24 Aug, 2012


I like C horizantalis too against a wall, the 'fishbone shape' may look interesting

24 Aug, 2012


I was considering Cornus sanguinea 'Winter Flame' but without a lot of trimming they will probably get too large. I forgot to mention the roof hangs over and leaves about 8 feet of clearance and most of those Cornus shrubs can top 10 feet. I might have to try it anyways, the colorful stems and twisted shape of the contorted filbert would look great together. I like the cotoneaster idea too, I have Coral Beauty and also a variegated horizontalis. Bulbs always look good in front of a contorted filbert too. I know the contorted filbert gets large but I have had good luck keeping them trimmed to a manageable size. Thanks for the great suggestions!

25 Aug, 2012


Your welcome. The Cornus alba sibirica 'Red Twig' is only supposed to reach 2m x 2m in 20 years.

25 Aug, 2012


It is a great idea and I love the bark on the red twigs but I don't care for them as much during the summer. I also considered Cornus sanguinea 'Arctic Fire' because it is a smaller dogwood as well but am going to try mixing in several small shrubs, perennials and bulbs. I got a division off of a Fothergilla 'Blue Shadow' and think the summer and fall foliage would look nice there.

26 Aug, 2012

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