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Shrivelling acer

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I have an acer in a large pot that has done very well year on year for almost 6 years. Last year it came out beautifully as normal but mid-season the leaves shrivelled and it looked as though was dying. I was surprised when it came up again beautifully this year but within the last month it has shrivelled again. I try not to over water as I've been told acers in pots can become waterlogged easily. However, I do water it if it hasn't rained for a while. Could have outgrown the pot? Should I plant it in the ground?



Six years - it should certainly be repotted to a larger pot with fresh compost or into the open ground, Janet.

24 Aug, 2012


One of my beautifull acers done exactly the same as yours Janet so i took it out of its pot and planted it in the border but sadly it didn't survive, i dont know why it shriveled mid summer! I can only think its because it had been in a pot for about 5years, I miss that acer..

24 Aug, 2012


Mine was in a tub for about 5 years, then transported here where it stayed in its tub for another year or so, then planted into the ground - from where it's gone from good to fantastic - looking better each year. I would think the sooner yours gets its feet into the ground, the better it will feel.

25 Aug, 2012


Thanks all for the responses. Seems I need to get it in the ground straight away with good compost and crossed fingers.

25 Aug, 2012


Hello Janet.
I have a friend living in London who has a quite mature red acer, planted in the garden, and it does the same thing every year: starts of well but mid season shrivels up. She moved into the house 3 years ago so we don't know if the tree did it before or not. Tried watering a lot as it grows in the shade of an acer tree and the soil tends to dryness; tried acidity regulators all to no avail. Spraying leaves with water helped. Since then I've seen National Trust properties with similar problems. If you ever find out, please let me know.

25 Aug, 2012

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