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How can I treat for clubroot with Armillatox



Have a look at this slide show and you will see how I use it;

25 Aug, 2012


Work Lime into the ground when Autumn digging the area for your 2013 Brassicas.

26 Aug, 2012

dilution rates are on here.

26 Aug, 2012


Thanks very much, its the dilution rates I was after, let's hope it works as well as the powder form,

26 Aug, 2012


They always used to say that if you get Clubroot in the ground Brassicas cant be grown on it for 20 years. I have had it on the odd plant root, quickly removed to the wheelbin at home. Then used the Lime method and no more trouble.
I have never left dead Brassica roots on the plot to dry off before burning, as it was said that these attract Club Root. It was also said that this disease is carried across allotment fields on the wind.

27 Aug, 2012


Quote;It was also said that this disease is carried across allotment fields on the wind

I don't know about that Diane but it can certainly be carried on your boots.

This is why I insist people keep to the paths on my plot, particularly if I know they have clubroot on their plot!

Regarding the roots I never compost brassica roots I used to take them to the council recycling tip.

Which potentially raises another issue;

Am I buying it back when I buy multi-purpose compost?

We now have a tip on our allotments where we put debris like this, unlike 'fly tipping' it will eventually compost down and go back to nature!

27 Aug, 2012

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