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2 questions - Apple tree.

1. My 15 yr old eating apple tree is full of apples again but two 6 inch long vertical "cracks" have appeared in the 5ft tall trunk. Should I worry about these ? I've covered them with duct tape for now.
2. A branch 1 inch diameter is in the way and needs to be cut off altogether. When should I do this and should I treat the cut surface with anything ?



Cut the branch off in Winter and you can seal the cut if you wish. Beeswax is as good as anything, or even ordinary candle wax painted on.
The cracks are not uncommon on apple and pear trees. Unless they go down to the heart wood it is not normally a sign of anything other than age. You can fill them in with Plastic wood if you so desire.

26 Aug, 2012


My wireless router broke down on Sunday but Ihave a replacement now. I was lost without my ipad.
Thanks O.B. - but I'm going away from Nov 5th to Feb. 1st. (. 3 months ) Shall I cut it before or when I get back ?

And I have the wood you described so I'll do as you say.

28 Aug, 2012


End of October is fine. You may in fact do it any time, but best when the sap has stopped flowing through branches.
Normally Summer (HAH!) pruning is done to encourage new growth and winter pruning to keep the tree in shape. I assumed you did not want new growth!

28 Aug, 2012


Thanks again, O.B., the end of October it is.

28 Aug, 2012

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