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Hello. Since I last logged in, over a year ago, we've moved house and are still trying to get the new (to us) gardens in shape. we have a very wet, clay border. It holds lots of rain water (like a moat) and tries to kill off anything we plant in in it. (The weeds do very well, though!) Our daughter lives nearby and her borders are the same, but they've filled themselves up naturally with a wonderful selection of tall wild flowers. As a result, her garden is always full of birds and wild life of various kinds. Now here's my question: how can we encourage such wild flowers to grow in OUR borders, please?



take seed from her plants or beg some roots. many 'take' just like the cultivated forms. There are lots of plants that will like these wet conditions. look at bog plants.

26 Aug, 2012


I'm wondering about Salix (willow) such as basfordiana or irrorata, they tolerate wet and the idea is that you grow them for the colourful winter stems and prune them hard back every spring

26 Aug, 2012


Many thanks to Pamg and to Seaburngirl.

27 Aug, 2012

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