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By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a 2yr old Pear Doyenne' du Comice. We have had nothing on it this year but likewise with all our fruit trees this year except a very old "Cooker".
A few weeks ago the Comice began to look very unhappy, got worse and worse now all the blackened leaves have dropped off and all buds on the stems are brown. I have heard of "Fireblight" but I believe that is treatable.

Any ideas please.




do/did any of the elaves have small 1-2mm raised blisters before they turned balck? if yes this is pear leaf gall mite. there is a good article on it by the rhs. nothing foe the home gardener to clear it up except good tidyness of the diseased leaves.

26 Aug, 2012


Thank-you, it looks as though it might be from what I have now found by" googling". However, I am not sure if we should keep the tree or dig it up. I have another extremely healthy Pear Tree quite close by and I do not want that to become infected.


26 Aug, 2012


the following year might see the tree ok. lets hope for a hard winter to kill the little devils off.

27 Aug, 2012

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