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Why is my beetroot so limp?

Glasgow, Scotland Sco

I'm not sure if I've done something to it when I tranfered it into the big pot. It looks like the some of the stems have tried to break into segments. Anyone got any ideas?




when beetroot are seedlings they need to be kept moist
have they had a dry spell?

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14 Jun, 2009


You don't transplant root vegetables, you have broken the tap root.

14 Jun, 2009


Agree with you there Doctorbob1. What more can I say?

14 Jun, 2009


Thanks Doctorbob1. I used small peat rolls to sow the seeds for my beetroot and then planted them in the pot once the shoots started to appear but looking at them now, it looks like I may have been a bit 'ham-fisted' when I did that! I have one that seems to be growing ok, just the other that I've killed. Oh, well, you live and learn. Thanks for the info though. :-)

15 Jun, 2009

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