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name this grass?

Shropshire, England Eng

I've looked at pictures and descriptions of ornamental grasses, but can't find one that matches closely enough for me to name it. I've added a pic of the leaf detail.

Grass_2_120826 Grass_2_120826_1_ Grass_2_120826_2_



I thought it was Ribbon grass, one of the Phalaris? But my Phalaris 'arundinaera' has multiple stripes?

28 Aug, 2012


thanks, Drc! I put "ornamental grass narrow leaf white stripe" into Google, and it suggested Variagata, but the pics showed a wider leaf with different stripes.

ps: I've Googled "ribbon grass" images, but they all have the stripes on the outside of the leaves, mine's in the centre, I've not found a pic to match yet

28 Aug, 2012


The stripes do vary Fran and its growing in the same habit.
But I also wondered if it might be a Carex morrowii 'Goldband'
(Japanese grass sedge) but it does not stand quite right for that?

28 Aug, 2012


Miscanthus sinensis 'Cabaret' maybe? also known as Cabaret Maiden grass.

28 Aug, 2012


sigh, I did find just one exact match, but the blog it was on was about plant mutations, and the caption was "chimera with L-III mutation" - very helpful!

I have a Carex m "ice dance", this is nothing like that, this is much taller and more upright - but I'll check "goldband"

28 Aug, 2012


Have a look at Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus' that has a distinctive white stripe down the centre.

28 Aug, 2012


thanks Bamboo and Drc - I've chekced out both, and some look like it and others don't - most show the grass in flower, and I can't get close enough to check out the stripe! But I'll continue checking, thanks much

28 Aug, 2012


you could look up ornamental grass sellers on the internet and email tham a pic and a query as to the name, I have done it with a couple of mine and have had helpful answers.

29 Aug, 2012


nice thought, 2ndhand - I'd thought about emailing a question (not very seriously), but not of adding a pic.

RHS does'nt seem to have heard of "ornamental grass", and just "grass" turns up too many - lol it's not that that bothers me, it's that most pics aim for flowers rather than stem/leaf striping

ps waded through the RHS list anyway: this looks like the best contender: Miscanthus sacchariflorus – amur silver grass, silver banner grass

there are others where they mention central stripe, but the floewrhads do'nt look right - of course, the pics are of mature plants and mine's still a kid!

29 Aug, 2012

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