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Is this an Erica, if so which one please?




Looks like Leycesteria Formosa sometimes called Himalayan Honeysuckle and sometimes called Pheasant Berry

28 Aug, 2012


I agree. definitely leycesteria

28 Aug, 2012


i'm not that good at identifying flowers but heres a website that has over 1000 types of flowers with pics
just go to the left of the page and click on flower identifycation then you choose out of the 7 catagories like trees,vines,annual or perennials... hope this helped

28 Aug, 2012


Thankyou all so much, this website is better than any library full of gardening books ,plus you get your answer in about 20mins. How did we cope before GOY.

29 Aug, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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