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By Gordana

Australia Au

Hello everyone

I am a 'virgin' gardener but love the fact that I can have and share information with those more experienced and knowledgeable than myself
I have a new bed in the sun and thinking of Eucomis plants to give me a 'Balinese' tropical feel
Any clues where I can purchase them please?

Many thanks in advance for your guidance

On plant Eucomis autumnalis and all it's brothers and sisters



Most GCs now have Eucomis among their bulb selections. I've had some of mine for years. Some in the ground that have burrowed down so I couldn't dig em up if I wanted to. It flowered this year for first time. They are fantastic in big pots. They sprout and bloom later then most bulbs. They can get very large if left undisturbed. They are not as tender as presumed. I have some left in a big pot......I mean big.....fighting it out with a self seeded lavender. The lavender is going over and the Eucomis has muscled its way through and 3 good flower heads. Other Sneaky Eucomis have seeded and are now warily watching as they grow a bit each year, to see if the hoe is hovering. Fascinating plant....other name 'pineapple lily'.

29 Aug, 2012


You need to but these from a bulb catalogue or from garden centres in spring. Beware of the ones that smell foul! we had to banish it to the bottom of the garden when it flowered as it smelt like rotten meat! But others have nice or no smell.

29 Aug, 2012


Welcome to GOY Gordana. You will have a lot of fun finding answers on this site. Have you found the alphabetic guide to plants at the bottom of this page? It's a mine of information.

30 Aug, 2012

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