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I've just started to get really interested in Heuchera and have bought three of them in different colours. I have one planted in a border and two in pots outside. Do I need to bring the pots in when frost arrives or are they frost hardy??? I live in the Uk and last year we had -11 degree winter temperatures



As long as the soil has decent drainage then they are evergreen in the UK. Mine went through the bad winter of 2 years ago fine. The darker coloured ones keep their colour better in shade (they sun bleach), so they prefer semi shade to shade depending on variety.

29 Aug, 2012


Most are basically frost hardy but when in pots they can be subjected to conditions that border planted ones won't be!

For example with border planted plants the plant acts as a bit of an umbrella, plus the root ball is buried which protects them from short term frosts.

Whereas with potted plants the root ball is more exposed and can freeze more readily.

If you have a coldframe or cold greenhouse to put the potted ones in I would!

If not! put the pots in a sheltered spot under trees or shrubs to give them a bit of protection!

29 Aug, 2012


Agree with the others . . . and if you have a "lime" coloured one, that also prefers shade, in fact probably wouldn't survive full sun.

29 Aug, 2012


Mine have come through 2 winters fine. They can heave in frost so you need to mulch them so the roots have something to grow into if this happens.

29 Aug, 2012

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