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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Not exactly a gardening question , but it could be assocciated ( i.e. cleaning up after going indoors from gardening ) .
Can anyone recommend a good vaccuum cleaner that is light weight yet efficient ? (Quiet too , if pos .)
I would think a PM might be neccessary so that there is no advertising .
Thanks troops !



Oreck -very light and efficient. Try Googling.

29 Aug, 2012


At least one famous make now does 3 sizes. Although you will get the weight on line, you really need to go to a shop as you can only hear them in the shop and try them, what is quiet/easy for one is difficult to Manoeuvre or loud for another?
If you look on line under Caravan hoovers quite a few types come up.

29 Aug, 2012


A brush and mop is quiet.

30 Aug, 2012


But not very helpful with carpets.

30 Aug, 2012


A lot of older people are making use of those powered sweepers. They are very light and could be left out in a corner, as I do and run around very easily any old time if I have just come in from the garden. I have carpet tiles in the kitchen and I have one in there and may use it 2 or three times a day. One in the hall which is not powered and gets used frequently too. No delving in the cubboard and hauling out the dreaded heavy machine with filters which bung up every 2 ticks.

30 Aug, 2012


Thanks all .
I had an old Oreck , Steragram , years ago , but it was noisey , I'll look at newer models and see .
I'll also check the Caravan cleaners on line , Drc726
( It's so tempting to buy online and cut out the shopping bit !)
Cutsandgraz , thanks for "helpful hints " ! Love it .
Dorjac , Hon , I have had a Gtech rechargable for a while now , it's wonderful , and there is a much bigger one available but alot more costly , and I wonder how much more effective .
Back to the dust-pan and brush .

30 Aug, 2012


The new Dyson Digital DC44 cordless vacuum is fantastic, I have recently got one and I could not live without it now, its so light and easy to use as its cordless all you have to do is recharge the battery after use which is easy in itself.

30 Aug, 2012


I find the Gtech hoovers really good

31 Aug, 2012


Well......what a surprise!!!! advert for you know what has popped up alongside GOY. A Gizmo on a stick with a pot and handle at the top. Quite low priced really !! It's better than wrist supports.

1 Sep, 2012


Thanks again , all .
I'll inspect the Dyson model , Marion .
The Gtec is great , Astra . Very pleased with it .
Dorjac , what did I miss ? Any port in a storm ( so to speak ).
OH is just checking out the Which ? report , but I still value other opinions .
My current Vac would blast your eardrums and weighs at least two tons !

1 Sep, 2012


My vac is a thingy on a stick, but not one of MR D's canny products. Like you say, a heavy, noisy filter blocker. It emits blasts of hot air in a heatwave. Sweepers now do most of the biz in our house now. I sweep before I vacuum to help the filters to last longer.

2 Sep, 2012

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