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Can anyone identify this wildflower that I recently saw growing in The Trossachs in Scotland. It was quite numerous on the higher areas above the lochs. I cannot find anything like it in my wildflower book.




might it be orange hawkweed???

30 Aug, 2012


Looks like fox and cubs....Heiracium (which is a hawkweed)

30 Aug, 2012


I agree, so people do grow it in the garden as it is such a clear orange.

30 Aug, 2012


But it does attract blackfly.

30 Aug, 2012


And is an awful thug both from seed and runners.

30 Aug, 2012


Orange Hawkweed. A pretty flower in the garden but invasive.

30 Aug, 2012


Gawd don't give it space in your garden Bulba. did in our lasr garden and it is still there in spite of being weeded out many times!

30 Aug, 2012


It was a nuisance in my previous garden, but in this one it doesn't spread. I don't know why, but I've got just one plant, and it's been there for a few years. It doesn't seed itself around like it did in the other garden.

31 Aug, 2012

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