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i recently bought a veronica baby doll from a reputable plant supplier, its been in the ground for about a month now, and new shoots are starting to develop but the leaves of the old plant have white mildew like mould on them, it looks as if its spreading to the new shoots, couldanyone tell me what it is and how do i resolve the problem if i can, thankyou



I would check the growing conditions first--soil, water. air,and remove also diseased bits carefully with scissors and hope for the best. Sometimes when a plant wants to die it just will but here's hoping. The plant may not suit your area but maybe it just got stressed during handling.

31 Aug, 2012


Bad year for all the mildew/mould type problems this year. Try spraying with Rose Clear or 1 part full cream milk to 9 parts water or Copper sulphate if you have it.

31 Aug, 2012


As you have only just bought it and from a good supplier I would ask their advice.

31 Aug, 2012


thankyou for alll your suggestions x

31 Aug, 2012

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