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I just have a couple of questions. I bought a Lordy Derby Apple Tree which is group C I was told and a Fiesta Apple tree group B. I was told by the garden centre that they would pollinate each other, so would be fine to have together. I only have about 5 apples on the Fiesta tree and the Lord Derby didn't even flower. why would this be? I know because of the rain the Bees were out late. is their anything I should of done? I'm not very experienced on the fruit side of things.

Also I want to pick peoples brains on which variety of raspberry you like the best. I need to invest in some new canes this year and the alloment i have, which I inherited raspberries on, I do not know the name of the variety. Trying to find a nice one but a couple I've tasted I didn't think were much good. Thanks for your help



You can't expect fruit on newly planted trees as they are concentrating on establishing a good rooting system, and in fact if fruit does set you are really supposed to remove it, though I don't know how people have the will power!
You may get flowers and no fruit for a year or two - just be patient.
Re raspberries, you might consider a few autumn fruiters - the ones I've had seem to have bigger fruit that the summer ones, and they do extend the season as well.
Soft fruits in general have been disappointing in lots of places because of all the rain which seems to dilute the flavour.

31 Aug, 2012



Thanks for the advice, good to know I'm not doing anything wrong.

4 Sep, 2012

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