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Plant ID Please?
This is really bugging me, its a bush about 4ftx4ft (maybe a bit more), deciduous and not thorny it has very few (literally one or two) tiny blue clear berries. Growing in the UK.

2012_09_01_12.56.11 2012_09_01_12.56.37



Maybe the privet honeysuckle lonicera pileata.

2 Sep, 2012


Thanks. You know I think it might be a shrubby lonicera but something is not quite right. However I thought these were evergreen? This bush lost all of its leaves last winter but only (I think) after the very cold weather in February, so could technically be semi evergreen. Would this still match Lonicera? This link for instance says evergreen ( but we did have temps beneath -10 so I guess even so called 'evergreen' plants can suffer in that.

2 Sep, 2012


We have a shrub like this Weatherwise, and I've often wondered too what it was......I came up with the same answer as Dgw. Now and again I give it a good prune, but our garden is quite sheltered so during these bad winters ours has stayed evergreen.

2 Sep, 2012


I'm pretty sure it's what you said Dgw. Many thanks.

2 Sep, 2012


Thanks Janey. Just gave our one a prune - it grows pretty quickly!

2 Sep, 2012


Doesn't it just!

2 Sep, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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