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By Geoff15

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have decided to make my own wooden garden arch. Does anyone have plans of a simple structure please?



Go on line with a question such as 'how to build a wooden arch' lots of plans, photos and instructions come up on how to make one, from plain ones to quite grand or Gothic ones. Good luck with it.

3 Sep, 2012


Here's one I built about 10 years ago. i've added some sizes and details but they're estimates from memory

Here's a similar one with a different design I found on the web which would be simple to build

3 Sep, 2012


Thank you both. I was searching rose arch!! Anyway hopefully I can put the instructions into practice and achiieve an arch!

4 Sep, 2012


I am sure you can Geoff good luck. I found with arches the wider the better for getting through with things like wheelbarrows etc. Also I have seen the posts put in to 'Metpost' and hammered in to stop rotting and so much digging out.

4 Sep, 2012


I've noticed in my local park that several of the arches have galvanised steel square section steel ( about 1 inch square ) set into concrete and protruding 6 inches out of the ground. The vertical wooded posts of the arch are then attached to these with a gap of about an inch between the bottom of the post and the ground.

Treated occasionally those posts will never rot

4 Sep, 2012

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