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Why has the base of my Sweet Corn plant turned red?


By Mzgee

United Kingdom Gb

Hello All,
I am new to gardening and I am currently growing sweet corn for the first time. I am a little concerned that within the last few days the base of a couple of my sweet corn plants has turned red. Is this normal or are my plants diseased? Hope that makes sense? I would appreciate any advice or comments. Thank you.

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some do have reddish colouration. does the colouring rub off like a powder. if yes its fungus. if no it could just be natural pigmentation.

15 Jun, 2009


Could be a lack of food, or the soil is lacking in a certain mineral. not sure what mineral, but this happens on some plants.

16 Jun, 2009


my sweet corn plant is also doing that and i study am this however we have not made a major discovery yet the symptoms might be because of shallow planting and or the seed or ear you planted was too big or small or lack of minerals space or food and finally it could be because of the biochemicals or the pigments

pigments : the natural coloring matter of the plants tissue.
biochemicals: a chemicals process in a living organism
i hope this helped :)

13 Jun, 2013

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