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My Tree fern has grown successfully in Northumberland for 4 years now - but I think I planted it in the wrong place! Dare I move it, and if so, how? It was a gift and i should hate to kill it off.




tree furns realy basicly are mostly alive in the tip with last years leaves becoming a part of the trunk . they have residual roots just to hold them up so you can litteraly move it and plant it and it wont realy upset it much if at all . people even cut some of the base of if they are to tall and replant them . its a plant that you can easily keep in a pot to and bring into a conservertory over winter . it cant get root bound as such as there arnt any that matter to much thow after moving it may need a little support to stop it being root bound .anyway you should here from someone else about it anyway .

6 Sep, 2012

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