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I had a new lawn laid just over a week ago. Should I be walking on it and how long before I need to mow?



I advise to keep off new turf until the first cut. This should be no more than 2 weeks after laying at this time of year as it will root quickly.

6 Sep, 2012


The instructions with my turf - was try not to walk on it, dont mow for three weeks (on a high cut), soak it every other day, and dont feed till next spring as that and weed treatment has been already done. They should have left instructions with you why not give them a ring?

6 Sep, 2012


Thank you. I might give the suppliers a ring. It was laid for me by a friend and he said it was poor quality, i.e. very thin and it broke up easily as it was laid. It seems to be 'taking' - it was laid in the rain and I have been watering it every other day. It looks a bit lumpy and there are a few brown patches but I'm not looking for a bowling green as I have a small dog.

I'm afraid I've already walked on it to hang some washing out today but I wore flat shoes and didn't stay on it too long.

The weather forecast is hot for the next few days so does anyone think I should be watering it every day?

Books vary. Some say soak it, other say sprinkle lightly. It's very confusing! :0(

6 Sep, 2012


I would water it every day if its dry and every other day if it rains, till the first mow, at this stage it needs all the help it can get and it will not be over watered.
This turf sounds very poor but the quality depends on what you ordered/paid? My worry would be if it is poor quality? what sort of turf have you got? Check your order and if in doubt demand they come out to see it.

7 Sep, 2012


I just laid my turf (on Wednesday)
I have been watering it quite a bit but haven't this morning as its still nice and damp.
I wanted minster pro but in the end opted for medallion (rowlawn) as I can't gtee I will b so good with mowing it!!
I plan to keep off mine for a few weeks at least.

where did you get your turf from? don't think it should break up that easily?!

7 Sep, 2012


Hi Gerbera

I got mine from a firm called Twin Oaks Turf and opted for hard-wearing general domestic. It seems pretty firm and the lines are beginning to disappear although there are still a few brown bits and some of the grass looks different from the rest of it.

They did offer to come and take a look after it had been down a while so I think I'll give them a ring next week.

Thank you everyone for all your comments and advice. I watered it again tonight (and myself in the process!) in preparation for another hot day tomorrow down here in Dorset.

Take care everyone x

7 Sep, 2012

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