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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Could I have an ID please?

I have had these pop up all over my garden, and I have let this one grow to try an find out what it is, but still have no idea.

Any one have any ideas?

Apologies, for some reason my internet wil no longer let me add pictures to questions. The web addresses are below.




ash seedlings so get rid quick.

7 Sep, 2012


Yes tree seedlings. I didnt know they were ash but dig / pull them out before they become even harder to get out.

7 Sep, 2012


And try to ensure you get all the root out, at that size one little bit may regrow underground from now, but won't be apparent until next year. Been there, done that. And i find it is a very tall weed, similar to couch grass, creeping buttercup and dandelion, one small section left will regrow. but sadly the top growth belittles what's been going on under ground.

8 Sep, 2012


Thank you. I will remove.

8 Sep, 2012

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