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unknown plant

strathclyde, United Kingdom Gb

An unknown plant has come up all over my garden this year. Its leaves and smell is like egyptian lavender its really strong like rosemary.Its a big bushy plant covered in small white and yellow flowers like daisies but with petals like crisanthiums. I planted egyptian lavender last year but it had purple lavender flowers i thought it had reseeded untill the flowers came out i realised this was something else. Does anyone know what this is.



the leaves are fernlike i will try to put on photo

16 Jun, 2009


Do the leaves look the same as the egyptian lavender you grew last year? Because it might be it is that, but just with different colour flowers. As I don't know what egyptian lavender is, it's difficult to say

16 Jun, 2009


egyptian lavender is multifida or fernleaf lavender. the flowers were like lavender. these are like daises! but the leaves are the same?

16 Jun, 2009

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