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Dwarf Wallflowers (Prince) I have potted on 30 plug plants into 3'' pots and put them in my open cold frame to grow on for a while before planting them in their permanent position. They are nice little plants but I was wondering if, when I do plant them out, it would be a good idea to pinch out the tops to keep them bushy or is this not necessary?



I think it is an either / or thing this as some varieties react better to this treatment than others.

Personally I don't bother unless the odd one goes 'leggy' then I just 'top' it!

Perhaps you could do them fifty fifty rather than put all your eggs in one basket!

At least then you will know that the variety 'Prince' does this or that!

9 Sep, 2012


Thank you Teegee for a very logical answer. Now why didn't I think of that?

9 Sep, 2012

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