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Garlic Bulbils : Hi everyone! I'm trying to grow from these for the first time. Internet 'wisdom' says to keep warm / keep cold, plant in autumn / plant in spring, plant in rows / broadcast ... Does anyone have actual experience of growing garlic from bulbils, please? I'm fine with the 'rounds' and then differentiated cloves over 2 years or so - it's the starting-off I'm confused about!



Oddly enough I have planted some up in cells a couple of weeks ago, and like you I hadn't a clue as to how to go about it!

I looked at it this way;

If mother nature had been left to do her own thing, these bulbils would have dropped to the ground when they were ready / ripe then she would have taken it from there!

It is my hope that I can replicate the process and I plan on leaving them in the cold frame throughout the winter, which will be just a bit better conditions than 'self seeding'

So its fingers crossed!

9 Sep, 2012


Thanks, TG - I had probably about 100 from a mm or so to dust-sized so I sprinkled them onto some compost in a pot and lightly covered them; When/if they start to do something I'll prick them out and cell them. My plan was then about the same as yours.

Any idea how long they might take to get going? Can't find any info on that on t'internet

9 Sep, 2012



My lot were not seed!

When I opened the 'pod' for want of a better description, I found what best could be described as miniature cloves.

The 'cloves varied in size from about 3-5mm diameter and were 'pear/clove' shaped, as I mentioned miniature cloves!

I got around 40 bulbils from one 'pod'

Pity I didn't take pictures, as I often do with my experiments, then I could have explained it better.

So it would seem we are both on different paths!

Regarding timing; I am hoping my lot will develop into what might be best described as a 'set' ( as in onion setts) and I will plant them up in around a years time, as I would plant normal garlic cloves!

9 Sep, 2012


I think we're probably on the same sort of path, different varieties and maturity of bulbils, perhaps?

Anyway, they're in the pot so I'll keep 'em moist and wait - like the patient gardener I am (Not!)

Lidl are selling rather twee little baskets of half-a-dozen 'rounds' (at an exorbitant price, of course). If my 1st year rounds turn out like theirs I might just use them at that stage - quite tasty.

Hope yours turn out OK - keep your fingers crossed for mine!

9 Sep, 2012

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