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cheap compost bins


By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

hi all i intend to buy a compost bin but dont want to pay dear for it any ideas thanks!!!



Hi Mobee we bought 2 bins from our council for just a few pounds. Can't remember exactly how much but cheapish. You could perhaps make enquiries from your local council, feel sure you will be happily surprised. The council here encourage us to make compost as I suppose it is less for them to do. LOL They had a "sale" a couple of years ago which is when we bought ours. Hope this helps. Sue

16 Jun, 2009


check out this site if you aint in Scotland there is more than likely a similar local scheme


16 Jun, 2009


yes i was just going to say council subsidise them they start at 8 pounds and they deliver.

16 Jun, 2009


thanks for tips sue will be down 2marra see if anything going same over here with council lol they give 1 or 2 bags compost free 1 wk a year just my luck missed it rather make my own anyway lol!!!

16 Jun, 2009


thanks guys will be on compost bin hunt weekend lol

16 Jun, 2009


I got mine from:
They supply for many councils so charge depends on their contract with the council - you just enter your postcode.

17 Jun, 2009


When our scheme started we too were promised a free bag a year but nothing yet and it has been going for some years now. of course that applied to the material we put into the recycle bin which is collected each fortnight. Ours just gets hedge clippings and weeds as I squirrel away the good stuff in my bins. LOL sue

17 Jun, 2009


hi sue to true by time wait on council for free compost u cud be selling the stuff ur self lol

17 Jun, 2009

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