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I have a plant/weed that re-grows every year. When we first moved in 4 years ago we completely scooped out all of the earth from around the plant and pulled the roots up (they were black bark like roots) and thought we had got rid of it but slowly each year it re-grows, with this year being the worst ( i dont know if all the rain helped it along) but needless to say the daffodil bulbs i had planted got swolled up by this horrible ugly monstrosety. I plan on cutting it all back and pulling up roots and soil AGAIN but can you offer up and advice about what else I can do? Thanks.

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You have comfrey there, which is extremely persistent and difficult to remove, though it will succumb to a herbicide like glyphosate.
On the other hand, the leaves can be soaked in water for a week or two and it makes a fabulous liquid feed for tomatoes and almost any other plant.

9 Sep, 2012


And the bees love the flowers. You can make a poultice with it to treat sprains too. To get rid make sure that when you dig it up you also dig the surrounding area quite deeply and examine each forkful of soil for bits of root - every bit left in will grow again. Then the following season watch the area closely and every time you see a bit growing do the same thing. It would be best not to plant much of anything else very near until it has all gone, which may take a couple of seasons. It is important to take out new growth as it appears before it has chance to throw out lots of long roots. The plant in your first photo will have sent out roots several feet away already. Glyphosate is easier of course, but I dig it out myself and am slowly winning.

9 Sep, 2012

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