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Weeds on lawn

Co Durham, United Kingdom Gb

Whats the best weed and feed to buy to get rid of weeds and improve my lawn?



None of them work very well, depends on the weeds you've got in the lawn. They all work well at feeding the grass, but most of the effective weedkillers for grass were banned in the last few years. If they're rosette type weeds, like dandelions, you can buy a wax bar or a weed pencil, rub it into the centre and they work well. Bit tiresome to do though, if you've got a lot of weeds. I'd still use the weed and feed - I can't honestly say the more expensive ones work any better than cheapo ones though. Perhaps someone else feels differently.

16 Jun, 2009


Personally I m a big fan of Scotts granular weed and feed as is does not contain moss killer .

See little point in turning your lawn black with moss killer then having to rake out and possibly re seed .

Prefer to scarify lawn then apply weed and feed.

A word of warning though do not apply during hot dry spells as this leads to scorching.

16 Jun, 2009


I've recently used Evergreen Weed and Feed and it's not done a bad job. Any weeds left over (or if you've not got too many anyway) I use Verdone and spray them. Verdone is a selective lawn weedkiller and will not harm your grass and it's good.

16 Jun, 2009


Having said you can buy a wax bar or weed pencil, it's been drawn to my attention that actually, you apparently can't any more, they don't seem to be available now. There are various sprays for spot treatment of difficult and pernicious lawn weeds - I've been online and checked. So use a weed and feed and then treat the more persistent ones with a separate spot treatment later on.

17 Jun, 2009

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