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Please can anyone tell me what this plant is called?

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It is approx five feet tall and has small white flowers appearing. It flowers like this every year with little to no care.




Think its a form of Spirea commonly known as Bridal wreath - sure someone can give latin name .

16 Jun, 2009


It's definitely not Spiraea argutea (Bridal wreath). Hard to tell from picture, but are those flowering spikes I see. Any chance of a closer, clearer photo? At the moment, it's reminding me of Fabiana, or a tree heather or tree lupin.

16 Jun, 2009


Perhaps wrong Spirea Bamboo but looks so much like one maybe Snowmound ?

16 Jun, 2009


Thanks alot for your suggestions - I will 'google' & compare and will try to get another photo too.

Would it be adviseable to move a shrub like this? (It seems quite hardy.)

Thanks again!

16 Jun, 2009


We may not agree on variety but generally not a good idea to move shrubs in flower during summer - its obviously been there a while so if you could wait till autumn it will appreciate it ..

16 Jun, 2009


I have this plant ....Spirea 'snowmound'

16 Jun, 2009


Thanks alot everyone! I think you're right - I googled some images after Bonkersbon suggested snowmound too and it definiately looks like it to me.
We are moving within the next month and I would love to take it but I'm worried it may not survive the move!!
Thanks again for all your help!

17 Jun, 2009

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