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Advice on planting herb seeds


By Stacey

United Kingdom Gb

This year I have decided to start my windowbox herb garden from scratch and have bought seeds. I am currently soaking the seeds to start them off and will plant in a couple of days. Any advice on planting, ie. how deep and/or how spaced out they should be? This may be written on the packaging but I am living in Switzerland and it is all in German!



In general plant seeds one quarter inch deep. You might consider planting in seed trays first - transplanting gives you better control of spacing and placement. Herbs can be quite crowded in a window box and do very well - but you may want taller things (Dill) in the back, spreading/draping things on the front and sides (Rosemary, Camomile). May want to include small bloom flowers among the herbs. You can keep the seedlings you don't plant in the box - to replace if needed, or share with friends. Look at your roof overhang to be sure you will get enough light all day. Enjoy!

5 May, 2008

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