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How do i get good compost, I only have containers as i have a rear yard and very small south facing front yard. I have no grass to compost, I put all my veg peeling, tea bags, egg shells etc in the compost bin along with the dead heads from the plants, the compost seems to take ages and seems to lack a bit of something, any tips?



Shredded paper is good...if any of your neighbours have grass, perhaps they would give you their clippings....:>)

17 Jun, 2009


You can buy certain compost-accelerating products, try asking @ yr local garden centre.
I believe that if your compost heap is in the shade it could take longer to rot down... also, covering it (piece of old carpet is a classic choice) helps if it is not in a container with a lid. Water too if it seems dry?

Opinions are divided about whether or not you should turn compost to mix it up.

17 Jun, 2009


A good shovel full of garden soil helps things along and introduces a lot of helpful creatures.....maybe you could ask a neighbour?!

17 Jun, 2009


Your composting will take ages, whether you use an activator or not, because I suspect you cannot make a heap big enough to create a "hot" compost. This would need to be a minimum of 3' x 3' x3', would need turning often and regularly, needs to be kept moist and covered, and it's hard work to produce. Most of us compost by chucking things on a heap or in a container gradually over months - that means you get a little bit of compost at the bottom of the pile, with fresher uncomposted material on top. It's also better onto soil (which you obviously can't do). But the addition of a few dry grass clippings occasionally wouldn't do any harm - but no more than a thin layer at a time.

17 Jun, 2009


agree with both those comments. can anyone donate u some soil to get things moving along a little more quickly? Horse manure? That will need a minimum no. of months to rot down well, but worth the wait.

19 Jun, 2009

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