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having problem with my soil how can i test it

Dover Kent, United Kingdom Gb

i'am having a lot of problem with growing anything as soon as you put any think in the soil next day gone how can i test my soil
thank you.



What do you mean gone Trocno53??

17 Jun, 2009


I don't think that's a problem with your soil....sounds like rabbits or deer to me. What are your trying to grow?

17 Jun, 2009


Or possible being thieved if they are near public areas

17 Jun, 2009


It could also be slugs and snails if they were small plants. Plants will die first if there is a problem with the soil, not just disappear. But you can buy soil testing kits at good garden centres or mail order.

17 Jun, 2009


Moles also...

x x x

17 Jun, 2009


Oh dear, it all sounds very disheartening! What have you got that isn't eaten?

22 Jun, 2009

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