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How do I give my little Rose bush a treat...

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Ive just started a little potted garden (having nothing but shingles in the yard - boo!) and I bought a little Rose bush from the supermarket, its an upright one and so far so good, shes grown a new stem and theres even some buds! yay! However im a bit worried as everyone keeps telling me that I need to treat roses carefully, Ive only planted it in regular soil and just water it as needed, so what can I do to give her a real boost?



I have a rose that had been in the same pot for 6 years and flowered every year - can't remember ever pruning it either, I have changed the pot this year having found a cheap, chipped one in a local garden centre. I repotted it with rose & shrub compost and it now has 10 buds waiting to bloom! I can't wait.

17 Jun, 2009

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