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Why are my apples falling off?

United Kingdom - Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small apple tree in my garden (approx 5 meters tall) I guess it is very old.

Last year it had very little blossom and produced all of two large cooking style apples.

This year I was pleased, that it had a lot more blossom than the year before and now has a large amount of fruit on it. However, a lot of the apples are falling off and the majority of them seem to be split. All the apples on the tree and on the ground are the size of a table tennis ball!

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and if there is anything I can do to rescue the few apples I have left?

Thanks for your help.



maybe they are due a harvest? we had a very warm spurt towards the brginning of the year so they may be off their time scale slightly
Im sure Ive read somehwere about over watering can cause ripe fruit to split, if you have a lot of rain this my be the cause

they sound like a very good size to me

hope someone can help you

x x x

oh and welcome to GOY

x x

18 Jun, 2009


Thanks Mookins, there is definatley something wrong with the tree as the apples I am picking up off the FLOOR are just way to small to be falling already!

Just checked some of your snaps out! Good work, i will add some soon.

18 Jun, 2009


I wonder if this is what is known as the June drop. Excess immature apples fall off. I am not sure why they would all be split though. Hopefully a fruit growing expert will come to your aid. I should like to know too!

18 Jun, 2009


Lou, June drop sounds like we might be getting somewhere!!! A small mistake my end, not all the fallen apples are split just some!

June drop google here I come!

18 Jun, 2009


June Drop is like survival of the fittest. Mama tree can't spare the victuals for all her kids so she gets rid of a few, just keeps the ones most likely to. Damn good idea, I reckon!

18 Jun, 2009


Yup, definitely June drop, nothing to worry about. Natural winnowing, as bbbee so lyrically says above.

18 Jun, 2009


Right June drop it is then. I'll let you know what my remaining 3 apples taste like in a few months!

Thanks for all your help!!!!!

18 Jun, 2009


June drop and perfectly normal, but they may still need thinning later by hand if the spurs are cluttered, normally 3-4 fruits per spur is best

18 Jun, 2009


Maybe they dont need thinning if only 3 left!

18 Jun, 2009


aah thats good then not a major tree infection or anything

x xx

18 Jun, 2009

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