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How do I get rid of a persistent weed in my lawn?

United Kingdom Gb

It has very small green, almost circular leaves. I have tried weedkillers but they have no effect. I can dig it out but if I leave even 1 leaf the plant will grow again. It also spreads on to the flower beds. Help please!



could try weed and feed maybe?

18 Jun, 2009


If the lawn is slightly damp then it may be Mind Your Own Business- the leaves are about 5mm wide. Once you have this weed, although some grow it as a plants, you've got it im afraid, Try a hormonal lawn weedkiller that will kill of broad leaved weeds. Dont compost the weed, burn it or dispose of carefully as it can choke streams and rivers etc. Burnings best!! or in a bin bag in the normal bin.

18 Jun, 2009

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