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Soil testing - about time !

I've come to the conclusion that after 4 years of consistent failures with certain veg ( but great successes with others), that I should test the ph of the soil in my raised beds, then add what's needed.(lime etc.)
But I see I can buy a gadget to do this job for as little as £4-99 ! This one's from Amazon, but is it adequate ?
Recommendations gratefully received. And thanks for putting up with all my questions. You're very patient.



these tests are ok so go ahead.

I use a basic ecology one where you add a small sample of soil to Barium sulphate powder. add a small amount of water shake well and add a universal ph indicator and allow to settle. if the colour is green its alkali if yellow orange its acidic. if its blue or red it is extreme alkali/acid and the soil is in a bad way.

11 Sep, 2012


Thanks for the reply, S.G., i've had another lookat the Ph tester and it appears even I can master it !
And I'll look into your barium sulphate method.

12 Sep, 2012

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