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Sambucus Nigra


By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

I put this plant into a large pot and its first year it was lovely...this year..not so good...if i put it in the ground, do you think it would get out of hand, my garden is on the small side?? thanks....




It will get much larger, but all of the elders tend to look a bit tatty by mid/end August, so you can give it a good cutback then. It would certainly be healthier in the ground than in that pot!

18 Jun, 2009


It certainly doesn't look happy in this pot and a new home , well watered, in a partially shaded position might be the answer. They can grow tall and wide but they dont mind being pruned in spring. Some people cut them back very hard and they say that improves the colour. Not sure I would do that but you can certainly trim them to stop them getting too big.

18 Jun, 2009


You're right Inverglen it doesn't look too happy.....I was thinking of planting it at the front of the house..its a more open site, the sun moves away in the afternoon, so it would get the morning that ok or not please?....ta

18 Jun, 2009


Thanks for your help Bamboo.....Inverglen says i can prune it in spring, but you think late august....HELP;;lol:>)

18 Jun, 2009


They say you can plant them anywhere in any soil but I think it might be unhappy if its very hot and in full sun. Part-sun should be OK. Prune in spring or autumn? Perhaps we need a second opinion because I dont prune mine. Its only a young one and I want it to grow.

18 Jun, 2009


You can prune it in spring AND in July, if you want. I used to grow the yellow leaved elder (sambucus racemosa plumosa aurea) - looked awful by mid/end July, so I'd cut it down to about 4/5 feet, and then trim it over again in the spring. And I see I put August in my previous answer - I meant July, forgive me, fingers not putting in what my brain's telling them!

18 Jun, 2009


Thanks Inverglen and Bamboo, you are both very kind, offering me all this info...i shall think carefully before i take any>)

18 Jun, 2009

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