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I bought this yellow flowered plant when I visited the Frog Garden this summer. It is just coming in to flower and I got a nice surprise to find a passenger in the shape of a pretty pink flower. The lady owner had been busy and did not have time to split and pot this clump up so she popped it in a strong plastic bag and hoped someone could find a use for it. The name escaped her on the day. Can someone ID one or other or both of them for me please.

P1050337_full_size_edited P1050336_helenium_or_helianthus_edited P1050345_pink_passenger



The pink one is Eupatorium purpureum, AKA Joe Pye weed. Bees love it, I had it in my last garden - I reckon it's in the wild flower / weed area, depending on whether you've got too much of it or not.

I'd like to know the ID of the yellow one too.

11 Sep, 2012


It grows in all the hedgerows around here. It gets rather tall.

11 Sep, 2012


Yellow one is possibly one of the perennial Sunflowers, Helianthus species. There are a fair number of them, but H. Lemon Queen is a possibility.

11 Sep, 2012


Thank you Beattie and Hywel for the ID on the pink flowering plant. I looked up your suggestion of Helianthus Lemon Queen Owdboggy and Tony Buckland has an article suggesting using these two together. I think it probably is H. Lemon Queen.

11 Sep, 2012

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