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Spring has sprung!


We’ve been trying to keep busy in the garden the last week or so now we are staying at home.

In the last couple of months we managed to start planting in the old grass where we struggled to get good turf. Hopefully this will increase the wildlife. We’ve still got quite a bit to go to get up the rest of the bad turf but we’re on hold just now.

We recently added some roses to the back garden. We’ve gone with special friend, isn’t she lovely, Tess Of The D’Ubervilles, twice in a blue moon, snowcap and silver shadow.

We’ve had a lot of wind and very little rain but after some rain last night I took the opportunity to try and get the weeds out of the front this morning. After, I took some photos to share with you.

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We are struggling with high winds here as usual, but my Magnolia Leonard Messel is flowering. I took a photo and just uploaded it. At least it's sunny. Your new weeping Pear tree is looking great. I can't quite make out whether there is any blossom on your Crab Apple?

6 Apr, 2020


We could do with some rain here, it's amazing how hard the ground is after all the downpours we had earlier in the year. I even have things wilting and needing watering! We will all have tidy gardens by the time we are allowed out again. The Roses sound lovely and the trees will soon leap into growth now we are getting some warmth.

6 Apr, 2020


Oh Rachel, if your soil is as hard as mine then I feel for you. I used the hose pipe on the really dry parts of the garden last night and managed to lightly fork over some of it today. I love your choice of Roses which are going to give some lovely colour to your garden this year. Btw, I really like your garden fencing!

7 Apr, 2020


I've also just revamped a bed, which had become overgrown with Geranium Wargrave Pink, to make a rose bed, Rachelanna. I am hoping to grow Harkness' 'Guiding Spirit', 'Trefoil Rose' and 'The Brownie' roses to reflect my Girlguiding background but as yet have only managed to order and plant bare-rooted another favourite, 'Whisky Mac', lol. I've been watering the pots and newly added plants in the garden too, but didn't water the beds, I hoped the rain we were promised on Sunday would soften up our clay so that I could weed the rest of the garden this week, but the storm and rain-clouds drifted across the Chilterns north of us .... we were treated to the light show but not a drop of rain! So the hose has been brought back into play again, but I hope we both get some April showers before too long to water in our new plants :-)

14 Apr, 2020

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