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A New Path for a Neighbour


I am involved with a nature reserve here in Cardiff, called Nantfawr, after the stream which runs through it. Its a beautiful area with ancient meadows and other woods. There is a a group of volunteers called The Friends of Nantfawr who help to maintain the area. Following the sad demise of the Chairman of the group in March 2010, his family gave the group some money to set up a memorial to him. It was decided to cut a new path through one of the woods, to add more interest for walkers. As Cliff was a former neighbour of ours, I thought I would do my bit to help with the project. Three Sunday morning working sessions were planned for this autumn/winter. The first one was in October.

The Park Ranger is an important member of the Friends Group. Here is a lorry hired by the Cardiff Parks Dept, filled with useful tools and gloves for vounteers.

This is the wood before we started to cut a path through

On the first session we cut through about two thirds of the route.

We left the lovely ferns intact

There were some larger tree trunks which will need some strong sawing.

During the second session we stopped for refreshments, including Moley.

The group laid plastic sheeting and finally wood chippings.

Finally we trimmed those overhanging branches which might catch people unawares.

By the end of the second session, in November, both ends of the path had been completed. We just have to join them up now…

Our work day in December was cancelled because of the snow and ice. At the end of January, we continued with the work. Parts of the some of the path had become very muddy and it had been decided these wet areas would need to be filled in with logs.

The Park Rangers had lopped some alders and these were the logs which were used.

They were wired together

Then mud and wood chippings were used to cover the logs.

By the end of the third session progress was being made on the paths, but there was still more to be done to finalise the surfaces.
It was good to see some signs of spring!

We had another work day at the end of February. More logs were laid on the muddy parts.

I think it will be several months before the walk is completely finished. I will publish this blog now and then give an update later.

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What a worthwhile project Rachelsmum, you must have a great feeling of satisfaction and I'm sure the person who died would have loved it. You can certainly see the difference and how nice it will be for everyone to be able to walk through another part of the woods.

Well done !

1 Mar, 2011


Fantastic work! On my own little 'planet world' I always assumed that pathways through forests were simply made by constant movement of people - it never dawned on me that people worked so hard to make a path! Duuuur! Partner's parents live in Cardiff so next time we visit I'll make sure we go to see the Nantfawr nature reserve and your project. Well done on the hard work of all concerned. :o))

2 Mar, 2011


Good work done there ! It's going to benefit so many people

2 Mar, 2011


well done all of you...its surprising how much work is involved. what a wonderfull memorial you have created.....:-)

2 Mar, 2011


Hard work for you all but it look's great :-)

2 Mar, 2011


Well done it is a lovely memorial.

2 Mar, 2011


Isn't it wonderful when a group of people come together to give their time free for the benefit of others.
well done and look forward to seeing the finished project.

2 Mar, 2011


Thanks everyone for your encouraging words! It will be a lovely walk when its finished, I am sure. :)

2 Mar, 2011


How lovely that you all have worked so hard on this project, I look forward to seeing the new path when its finished. :o)

12 Mar, 2011


Thanks, LD. We are also going to plant some fruit trees in Cliff's memory in March, so it may be a while before we finish the path. But I will definitely send some pics in when its done:)

13 Mar, 2011


Its a lovely tribute to your friend. :o)

13 Mar, 2011


Well done to all involved, what a wonderful project. I shall wait now for the next instalment. :-)

3 Apr, 2011

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