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Potato plants are bustin' out all over!

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Well, there’s still a lot of work to do inside the house, which is causing me some delays in what I want to do outside. However, I have managed to plant 2 rows of potatoes (German Butterball and Yukon Gold), a mix of heirloom lettuce seed, and carrot seeds (St. Valery, Dragon and Scarlet Nantes).

I still need to get my tomato plants into the ground. They seem very happy to be out of doors getting full sun though.

At least the potato plants are up. I was really getting worried for a bit. I dug a 3 ft wide, 13ft long trench in my back yard, and I was worried that the neighbors would think I was plum daft if nothing at all came up and I had just ripped up a giant rectangle of sod. Fortunately, my neighbor who can see the larger portion of my yard is quite keen on gardening and very sympathetic. It turns out that this is her first year for heirloom vegetable gardening. So I think we’ll get along quite well. She said I could turn my whole backyard into a mini-farm if I wanted and she wouldn’t mind, I laughed and said that might be the eventual outcome!

I plan to dig another parallel trench this week while my husband does some noxious sanding in the house. We aren’t actually living there yet, so we try to really budget our time at the new house to do things that will get us into the house most quickly. Which is why gardening has had to take a back seat.

I ordered some black raspberry plants which are on the way, and some concord grapes too. Both are hubby’s favorite fruits, so I’m eager to get them established. His parents gave me their recipe for the most amazing black raspberry pie! I look forward to it every year.

Hopefully, my tomatoes can go in soon, along with a little Rainbow Chard and some radishes. I might tuck a squash seed or too in the landscaping somewhere as well. Although I suspect it’s getting dangerously late in the spring for long-season vegetables. And I’ve pretty much given up on hopes for cool season plants until fall.

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It's a lot of work trying to get both the house and garden done at the same time. I hope when you've eventually moved in you'll have more time for the garden. It will all look great I'm sure. : )

10 Jun, 2008

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