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3 ft of snow anyone?


It is so neat to read everyone’s posts from around the world and see where different people are at in their “Spring” here in the northern hemisphere. However, it also makes me a bit jealous. Hyacinths? already? Here in northern Ohio USA we just had a major blizzard over the weekend dumping 3-6ft drifts all over the region.

I don’t think hyacinths around here have even considered waking up yet.

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Hi Rain4nights, I don't envy you with all that snow. I saw what the srom did to your region on the news and all I could think of was OMG ! Here is Massachusetts the snow is just about all gone. Just a few banks here and there where plows made piles. It's 40 degrees here today and I was very happy to be outside working on moving my herb garden. Our soil is still on the frozen side so only so much can be done. One good thing about heavy snow at this time of the year as that it doesn't last long so keep thinking Spring and you will be out in your garden before you know it. I have Crocus blooming and a few Hyacinths are peaking out of the ground so it shouldn't be too long before you see yours.

13 Mar, 2008


Oh my!! Ohio and Massachusetts..! Banana Belt.

We got the snow on top of what we already had...we lost a lot of snow volume around New Years...but if we had not we would have drifts up to the eaves...we have SOOO MUCH SNOW, IT'S PATHETIC. I know where the term grouchy as a bear came from...If I had just awakened from a long sleep to see this...I would have slugged that groundhog. Especially since I just turned to look out my window and more snow is coming down...arrrggghhhh.

13 Mar, 2008


Just a suggestion if you have itchy green fingers and outside is still inhospitable try sprouting seeds indoors, really nutritious. afalfa tastes of peas, mung is good in stir fries, peas sprout sweet and tender, and there are many try.

14 Mar, 2008

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