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Not so Bizzie Lizzie


Hi everyone.
I planted 34 hanging baskets and tubs this year all with a large variety of bedding plants including Impatiens.
But Iv’e seen all these lovely colourful plants die.
I understand this is due to an infection with no hope of a recovery.
Any thoughts on what I should plant next year as It looks as if this will be the last year for Bizzie Lizzies.
I look forward to all the suggestions.

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I've got two pots of New Guinea bizzy lizzies (the ones with the dark leaves) and apparently these are not infected. So you could still have bizzies but a different type!

3 Sep, 2011



4 Sep, 2011


Dunno what you mean 'petunias?'

4 Sep, 2011


I'm following the question "Any thoughts on what I could plant next year ......." Sheilar - my suggestion being petunias - colourful as BLs, prolific as BLs, and free (so far!!) from Viticillium Wilt.

5 Sep, 2011


Ah I see - I've not been with 'it' lately! lol

5 Sep, 2011

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